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Assam Jailor Syllabus/SLPRB Assam Assistant Jailor Syllabus 2023 & Instructions , Written Test Date: 02/04/2023

Summary of the Exam:

Exam Date: 02/04/2023 

Exam Time: 10:00 - 12:00 NOON 

Exam Type: Paper Based ( on OMR sheet) 

Total Questions: 100

Total Marks: 100 

Negative Marking: There is negative marking of ½ mark for each wrong answer

Assistan jailor Syllabus assam

Assam Jailor Syllabus/SLPRB Assam Assistant Jailor Syllabus 2023:

Logical Reasoning:


👉Alpha numeric Reasoning

👉Number Series

👉Logical Number


👉Diagrammatic Sequences


👉Conversion of information to data‐‐Collection, Compilation & presentation of data table, graphs


👉Ration and Proportion

👉Compound Interest

👉Area & Volume

👉Time and Work

👉Decision Making and Problem Solving

History & Culture of India & Assam:

👉Heritage of People

👉Effect of British rule on socio‐economic factors

👉Social reforms and religious movements

👉India since independence

👉Unity in Diversity-race, colour, language

👉Fine arts, dance, drama, music, etc.

👉Prominent personalities in the various spheres

General Knowledge


👉Political Science




👉Socio Economic Issues

👉Administration of Union and States

1. No candidate will be allowed to appear in examination hall without Admit Card and it should be produced before the invigilator when asked.

2. The doors of the Examination Hall shall be opened 20 minutes before the commencement of examination. No candidate shall be allowed to enter the Examination Hall 20 minutes after the commencement of Examination.

3. Candidates must sit on in his/her allotted seat only.

4. Candidates have to produce any one document out of Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License, PAN Card and Voter ID Card in original as Identity Proof for matching photo and name.

5. No candidate can leave the Examination Hall before the completion of the scheduled time of examination.

6. Candidates must use black/blue ball point pen only.

7. Mobile phone, smart watch, calculator, bags, ornaments or any other electronic gadgets and any printed materials are not allowed inside the Examination Hall/premises of the Test venue. Anyone found violating this rule shall be barred from appearing in the Test and his/her candidature shall be rejected.

8. There will not be any provision for deposit of mobile phone/ Electronic items etc. Candidates are directed not to bring any prohibited items with him/ her.

9. Candidate will have to keep all his/her belongings and materials outside the examination hall at his/her own risk.

10. Items allowed in the examination hall are: ball point pen, pencil, eraser, face mask, spectacles (if used by the candidate), I-cards, Debit/Credit Cards, Postcard size photograph and the valid Admit Card.

11. A candidate shall not help or try to help any other candidate or obtain or try to obtain any help from other in choosing answers.

12. Candidates are warned that any attempt to use unfair means in the examination or any breach or attempted breach of examination rules shall make them liable to expulsion.

13. Candidate should clearly write his/her Roll No. in the space provided in the Question Booklet only.

14. Examination conducing authority is not responsible for any mistake done by the candidate while putting information on the OMR Answer sheet. OMR Answer sheet shall not be replaced under any circumstances, except found defective.

15. Read the Questions carefully before marking the Right Answer in the OMR Answer Sheet.

16. Only one circle/bubble either (A), (B), (C) or (D) is to be darkened completely for each answer on the OMR Answer Sheet.

17. Candidate should not make any stray mark on the OMR Answer Sheet.

18. Candidate should not staple, fold, pin, wrinkle or damage the OMR Answer Sheet.

19. Scratching, overwriting, tick marking; multiple answering will be considered as wrong answer.

20. Candidate should do all necessary rough work on the Question Booklet in the space provided. Rough work should not be done on the OMR Answer Sheet or any other paper. If any rough work is found to be done on OMR Answer Sheet, the OMR Answer Sheet will not be assessed.

21. For all the questions there will be one single OMR Answer Sheet with pre printed roll no. and photo. No extra OMR Answer Sheet will be provided for any mistake or correction. Before using the OMR Answer Sheet the candidate has to ensure that it belongs to him only.

22. The OMR Answer Sheet will be provided along with the question booklet. Candidate should fill up the particulars in OMR Answer Sheet, i.e Question Booklet no., Question Booklet code etc. carefully.

23. The candidate should make sure that the corresponding Question Booklet Code is properly written/shaded in the OMR Answer-Sheet by him/her. For example, if the candidate gets Question Booklet Code 'A', then he/she should fill up 'A' in the box provided in the OMR Answer-Sheet and also shade the circle 'A' in the OMR Answer-Sheet. In case of any discrepancy in the Question Booklet/ OMR Answer Sheet the candidate should immediately report the matter to the Invigilator for replacement.

24. Candidates will have to sign twice, once in the attendance/ Roll Sheet presented by invigilator in duty after taking their attendance sheets in the examination hall, and the other at the time of handing over their Question Booklet and OMR Answer Sheet to the invigilator after completion of examination. Cases where a candidate has not signed and not submitted the OMR Answer Sheet and the Question Booklet after the Examination is over, He/ She shall be treated as absent.

25. There is negative marking of ½ mark for each wrong answer.

26. Candidate should note that each question is given in multilingual form, viz., in Assamese/Bengali /Bodo/ English medium/ version for his/her convenience and ready reference. In case of any discrepancy or confusion in the medium/version, the English version will be treated as the authentic version.

27. Question Booklet will consist of 100 Multiple-choice Type questions (MCQs), all carrying 1 marks each.

28. Notwithstanding the issue of the Admit Card the Officer-in-Charge shall have the right for reasons which may appear to him sufficient to cancel the examination of any candidate before, during or after examination.

29. The decision of the examination conducting authority with regard to the conduct of the examination shall be final and binding to all the candidate.

NB : The candidate should report at Examination Venue at least 1 hour before the
commencement of examination to facilitate smooth checking.

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